Saturday, April 11, 2009

first Easter as our own little family

Ok so its not Easter yet, tomorrow is but we decided to dye eggs and make our own little basket. We took a trip to Walmart, good but bad idea. It was CRAZY! we bought dye and fixins for a cute little basket. While we boiled eggs we started making our basket. We got a yellow basket to share because it was a neutral color. Then we bought little plastic eggs and some candy to put inside. So we tried to make the basket look full and pretty using flowers as well as the eggs and the green and pink grass we bought but it just didnt work out to well. :) but we tried thats what counts.

Josh has NEVER dyed Easter eggs before. Can you believe that?! It was a lot of fun tho because he had no idea how to do any of it..i mean its not that complicated so it wasnt hard to figure it out but it was a riot. I started writing on an egg with the white crayon thing and he was like uh, what are you doing? That was pretty great. Heres some pictures :)

Josh thinks its awkward im documenting the event. Oh boy.

Then he smiled :)

Our basket

The first eggs we did. mine is the blue and pinkish and josh's is the green. Mine says Josh and Chantell 2009
His says Inhalation will cause death. haha

He got super into decorating those eggs :)

The end result, all of our pretty Easter eggs :)

Manti Temple, The Bunces endowment and sealing

So i havent posted in a little while, its seemed like there hasnt been much to say :)

Friday night Josh and I had the great opportunity to go to the Manti temple here in Utah for our friends Brittni and Tyler's endowment session and sealing. It was absolutely amazing :) The ride there was great, it was about an hour and a half away so it was fun to get to be in such close quarters with only Josh :) And we saw some beautiful mountains. We don't really want to live in Utah much longer than we have to but these mountains here are SO beautiful. I took some pictures while driving :) just a disclaimer:they don't do the mountains justice.

We got to the temple at about 10 to 5. We were told to be there at five so we really thought we were going to be late for the session. We ran and rushed...only to be relieved that it started at 530. Thank goodness. We ended up being the witness couple which turned out being pretty neat, we got to sit by brittni and tyler :) After the endowment session Brittni and Tyler were sealed to each other and then to their beautiful baby girl lydia. It was such a great experience to witness a family being sealed and promising forever. Witnessing another sealing also helped josh and i to remember those covenants that we made to each other. It was an amazing experience to feel the spirit in that room during their sealing. I am so grateful for temples, the opportunity to be sealed forever and create eternal families, and for my savior who lived, died and was resurrected so that i might live again with my family in my Heavenly Fathers presence.