Saturday, June 20, 2009

Since then and Big Changes...

Well, since PA we've just been living life, going to school and working. Im still nannying and i love it. I forgot to mention that Josh lost his job after we went to california because there are SO many people here in Provo who need jobs on campus and off so thats been difficult but he finally got some hours at the MTC so that is WONDERFUL! Spring term just ended. Josh did well in Calc this time around and i did well in my Developmentally Appropriate Practice Foundations class and Humanities. We've also been making some big changes in our lives.

We (Josh mainly but i prayed about it too and support him) decided that Josh is going to go into Law enforcement. BIG CHANGE> from him going to Med school and becoming an orthopedist. We decided this basically through prayer and going to the temple so its kind of a leap of faith. He has applied to the Tucson AZ police department. They have a police academy starting in October and we hopefully will get in. We looked into the Orem and Provo PDs but they require you to do training on your own (including paying for it) and we just think its kind of silly to pay a lot of money for what we could get paid for somewhere else. Also Orem only hires like 1 recruit a year or even those odds are a bit low for our liking. We are traveling to tucson around the 9th to go to an informational meeting so that we can get as much info as we can. Then hopefully Josh will be invited back for physical and written testing and then oral around July 25th. He's already applied and so now we are just in limbo waiting..waiting..and waiting. We were supposed to be taking classes this summer but due to the amount of traveling we are holding off.
If josh does get this job then we will probably move there in sept and i will do BYU independent study for fall and then in winter attend a community college there to get my associates in early childhood development and then transfer to university of tucson as a resident so tuition doesnt take away our whole pay check :) Josh will continue classes as well considering that we still both would like him to get a bachelors degree at least. Also it will benefit him as a police officer (and to get promotions). Well this is basically our life right now, limbo and preparing physically. We are grateful to have this opportunity and are so grateful to all those who are serving in law enforcement right now, this new decision and the education we are receiving about it has greatly changed my view of those in the blue uniform. Thanks so much to all the officers out there for their sacrifices and their families as well.

(also side note: i know some people have negative views of police officers but just remember that they are not all bad and its a tough job so cut them a little slack. They are trying to make your city, state, and country a safer place.)

Pennsylvania :)

This is Jonathan and me :) we had fun together. Josh got jealous hahahha

This is Jared, Josh, Jonathan and Joe with their weapons. These boys are hilarious :)
This is my Mom-in-law on stage when they called her name :) she is such a star!!

About 3 weeks after our trip to California we had the opportunity to go to Pennsylvania to visit Josh's family :) I was SO excited because the last and first time i had met them was two days before Josh and I were married so this time i was able to get to know them a lot better and to spend more time with them. The reason for the visit, aside from the fact that we wanted to see them all, was that Josh's mom was graduating from Nursing School, which is absolutely amazing :) yay! Go Gina! So we were there from the 15th until the 21st and had a great time. I got to know everyone who was there a lot better :) we went to Gina's graduation on the 20th and then her Dad who was visiting for it as well took everyone out to dinner!

This is what the boys did most of the time...sorry i narrated a bit..and im loud and obnoxious :) oh well. This is josh and his littlest brother Jonathan.

California Visit

So josh isnt in the picture below because he is driving but you can see his shoulder...yay :)

So its definitely been a while, Ashley, Matt, Josh and I went to California two weeks after Easter to visit family and take a little vacation. We had a lot of fun visiting family and friends and going to the ocean. We went to santa cruz and it was SO windy! The sand pelted us while we layed out, so that did not last very long, but we swam in the ocean a little bit, i have to say that i was the biggest wimp about getting into the freezing cold water! but i went in far enough to say i got wet :) haha. We got some awesome pizza from pizza my heart and all got matching shirts..i just realized we should have taken pictures with them, that would have been awesome. We went to my parents softball and soccer games (they do more sports than i did when i was at home! crazy!) We met up with Sarah and Mikey who are engaged :) how fun! :) and went to Johns incredible pizza with them. It was wayy good. Josh went there a ton on his mission and we have said so many times that we were going to go and we finally went :) yay! We got to visit with lots of my family, my cousins and aunt came over for a little BBQ which was great to be able to catch up with them. Oh how i miss lots of family. It would be so nice to live in the middle of josh's family and mine so that we could see them both all of the time, but who knows where we'll end up. We also got to visit the Wadmans :) which was a blast, Josh had tons of fun keeping all the kids entertained while i got to visit with jaimee and then we all went outside and played. so fun :) That was our last day and we headed back to BYU for Spring term where josh and i were both taking classes.