Monday, July 20, 2009


This past weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to attend a family reunion with my Dad's side of the family in Las Vegas, NV (as if anyone doesn't know where Vegas is. ha) We stayed with my Uncle Pat and Aunt Jamie and their two adorable twin daughters Madison and Mallory! They were so sweet to us and we had a blast! Saturday, the day of the reunion, we met at this great park that had fountains to play in and a covered playground! (all parks should have these covered playgrounds so that the slides arent too hot!) We got to see and visit with tons of family and eat lots of good food!! (port of subs sandwiches are REALLY good!) We thought we werent going to end up staying at the park very long so we didnt wear clothes to get wet...altho josh got ambushed by water balloons anyway! :) After being there for quite a while and enduring the heat (which honestly could have been worse) we went back to pat and jamies and changed and rested until laters activity of bowling in this casino! It was pretty fun, i actually didnt bowl, just watched and chatted! But it was all in all a great time! I love that part of my family and hope to get to know them better over the years!
Sunday we went to church with my Granny. It was great to go to church again, it feels like forever even though its only been like a week ish but it was great to go with some family. We drove home that day with Monica and Megan two of my cousins who are going to EFY in Provo this week. They are cute girls! Anyway! Great trip, Vegas was awesome, maybe next time we'll go see some sites! :)

Tucson and Snowflake!

On the 8th of July, We traveled down to tucson AZ, it was such a long trip! and right when we were only 20 miles from our hotel it started pouring down rain! It was so crazy and bad enough that we had to get off of the freeway because we could not see at all, really like inches thick of water in just like 20 minutes! Anyway so we got to our hotel, which was amazing :)-- ((thank you hotwire))-- the next day we took the day to swim and enjoy, well nothingness, until that evening when we went to the Tucson police recruiting seminar. It was really informative and has definitely helped us to better prepare. They started out trying to scare the applicants and families out of applying, which is understandable there were over 500 applicants but we considered the things that they told us long before Josh applied. Anyway, on to happier things. There was a cute lady there who i became friends with because both of our husbands were applying. yay for nice people. Hopefully they made it through the first cut.

The morning after going to the seminar we headed up to snowflake, AZ to visit my grandparents and my grandpas siblings. They were sos hospitable and nice! It was nice to relax with them and learn more about my older extended family. I got to visit a lot with my grandma who helped raise me, she is the best! I love her so much and hope she'll get to visit us someday too! After leaving Snowflake on Sunday with a car loaded full of goodies for the road from everyone we finally ended our long(ish) trip and were glad to be sleeping in our own bed again!

:) So on the next monday an email was supposed to go out to those applicants who made the first cut through background checks and resumes and all that inviting them to the testing next weekend (the 25th) and it took all day (until like 6 pm) of waiting and worrying for the email finally to come. Josh had tricked me once by saying it came so while i was making dinner he got the email and came in and hugged me from behind and said so nonchalantly that he got it so i thought he was lying, it took like 15 minutes to convince me! :) but it came!!! so we'll be going down to tucson again on friday!! Wish us luck and PRAY for us! PLEASE!!