Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am so bad at updating this thing. Sorry.

Im sure i'll get better being that I don't have a job and Josh will start working October 1st! Speaking of October 1st, Josh got the job with the Tucson Police Department, He is OFFICIALLY a Police Officer Recruit!! We actually just got the final say this Tuesday after already moving to Tucson on the 31st, but we were pretty sure then and felt that it was the right thing for us to do, whether he got the job or not (so thank goodness he got the job otherwise we would be clueless!!)

Life has been good here, pretty slow though, I haven't found a job yet. I have to admit I'm being kind of picky though. I dont want a job that I'll need to commit to unless its working with kids as a parapro or teacher assistant at a preschool or daycare. I want something thats in my field or that is ok if Im not around for all that long (like walmart, albertsons, grocery stores, book stores, something with high turnover). It seems like NO WHERE is hiring here. I have applied to more places i can remember or count and have not gotten one single call or email since I have been here. It's alright though because Josh will definitely be making enough money come october 1st, its just the in between time (all of September) that we are having to really be careful with money and count our blessings. It's been really tough and I think I can honestly say that I know what its like to be poor, to not know if you'll make rent and to pay tithe and pray that Heavenly Father will help you and open doors for you. So I can say that and I have learned a lot and appreciate the things I have, however, I do not ever want to be in a situation like this again.

So over the past month we have gotten settled into our nice tiny apartment and we actually really like it. It so cozy and we can see the whole thing when we walk in the door. :) Its a bit old, smells like a cheap hotel, and the bathroom makes some funny noises when you flush the toilet but it has carpet, real carpet and that is wonderful to have! Josh and I have been swimming and working out almost everyday of the week because we both don't have work. Its kind of like vacation except you cant spend any money! which is not that bad right now because we have a pool and free internet at the office here. We also started going to our new ward, which is like a breath of fresh air compared to our last! We did not really fit into our last ward, but we already love this new ward! We have met lots of new people already and they seem really great! Im sure we'll get to be good friends with them.

Josh has academy orientation Saturday and tucson city orientation next thursday and friday, then starts the next monday! YAY!

I learned how to make my own LAUNDRY DETERGENT! How awesome is that?!? and i learned couponing at our first enrichment!

Hooray for a good start!