Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Or no house actually.

Its not there yet but it will be come May! :)

We signed the contract to buy our house/have it built on February 15th! SOOO awesome! It's out in Vail which is south of Tucson. It's nestled up to some mountains and there is not a lot of anything near by except schools (The best around! All of Vails schools are rated really high and have great reviews!), a gas station, a little italian restaurant, and an ace hardware with a post office inside :) Its a growing community, SOO neat!

We found the floorplan online and just thought it would be perfect for us. Its a 4 bd 2 ba +den/gameroom single story! We thought we wanted 2 stories but after talking about it only like a week before seeing the floorplan we thought we might like a 1 story better! And tada, there IT was! :)

Anyway, just thought i'd post that update!

Our Lot! :) and house getting started!

View across the street!

Oh and did I mention there are THOUSANDS of acres of state land behind our backyard? Yeah, its pretty awesome :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Weekend!

Saturday Josh and I headed up to Mesa where we got to go to the Temple, Ikea (We dont have one here in Tucson, WEIRD), and Cabela's! It was a lot of fun to just get away and spend the weekend doing things we love to do (including just being with each other!) We stayed in a really nice Sheraton hotel in Tempe, AZ and got to sleep in, watch movies and spend time with each other with out having to worry about ANYTHING!


This trip has been a long time coming!

(Oh and we also got an extra 30 chicken nuggets for free at McDonalds on the way too! WOO HOO! They are my new obsession and favorite food, although Im going to have to limit them considering they are probably not one bit healthy!)

On Friday, One of the most momentous things that will happen in our life came to pass...
We got pre-approved to buy a home!!

Can you believe it??

I hardly can! We also are pretty sure we've found the house for us, but more on that to come later, don't want to jinx it! haha :)

We are loving life, but there's not much more going on! Just school, nannying, and homes for me and the academy( and kind of homes) for Josh! Pretty busy but it's all pretty basic!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ok so it wasn't some bangin party...but it was a fun little get together! :)

Saturday after Josh graduated the academy we celebrated at Kamry and Tyler's apartment with some of our friends here :) We played some awesome Scene it, where Josh and I completely failed but it was fun to see Dusty and Tyler compete to win! haha We got to catch up with friends and eat lots of yummy food! Thanks Tyler and Kamry for being AWESOME and letting us have the get together at your place (as usual) and provide some of the yummy food (as usual too!)

We didn't take like any pictures because I completely forgot I even brought my camera but I did take a picture of the cake before we left!