Friday, November 4, 2011

My 6 month old!

Michael is 6 months old today! 

That's too old! Where did the time go!?

Michael is such an amazing baby and is doing so much!

This month he is 

sitting up for long periods of time until he gets distracted and throws his body on his belly so he can scoot around

scooting like a mad man, everywhere!

rolling to get places

eating everything and anything

drinking from a sippy cup or straw cup

still happy as a clam! We get comments all of the time about how happy he is!

very rarely sleeping through the night (What happened!?)

using a walker, but can only go backwards unintentionally!

sitting in his big boy high chair

making lots of sounds, especially when mad! They sound a lot more like words.

turning when we say his name, although he's been doing that for a while

He also pulled himself up once using my legs! How crazy is that!?