Sunday, July 24, 2011


My little bug is now a roly poly!!

He rolled over (surprisingly!) for the first time on July 20th at exactly 11 weeks old!

He started out flat on his belly but I didn't get the camera out until he was already on his side. Watch until the end, he really does finish!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 months old!

My newborn is now two months old!

Boy how times flies.

Michael had his two month check up today.

He weighs 12 lbs 5 oz. 65%
He is 24 inches long 79%

and his head is 40.5 cm 63%

He is growing so well and is such a happy boy! The doctor says he looks great! (but I already knew that!)

I filled out the Ages and Stages questionaire (ASQ) before the appt and it was a lot of fun to do with Michael! (I used to do the 4 year versions with my kids at the preschool so it was a fun little reminder!)

We did things like follow a toy with his eyes, play in the play gym, do some tummy time, among other things. Many of the activities were things we do every day and it was nice to know he's developmentally on track.

Some of the things he is doing at 2 months are:

smiling a TON and even laughing (but mostly in his sleep).

talking all of the time.

Wearing size 0-3 and some 3-6 month clothes. He's a long boy!

hardly ever waking up crying. I usually hear him do what we call a "mom yell." it really sounds like he is saying. Moooom. :) And when I walk in, I touch his face and he smiles at me. It makes my heart melt! :) That little boy has me wrapped around his finger!

He also isn't much of a crier at all. He'll fuss when he's hungry or wants his diaper changed, but not very often! We are so lucky!

He loves to sleep in his swing although Mom is trying to put him in his bed for naps now!

We're also getting on a pretty set schedule with morning and afternoon naps which makes it easier for Mom to get lots of stuff done (see my plug for my new blog!)

Michael also loves his play gym and his Ruger dog! They do tummy time(Michael still isn't a huge fan of tummy time) and play time together! Michael will bat and kick at his toys! He's also been holding on to toys! It was so exciting the first time I saw him holding onto a toy that he grabbed by himself! Its the little things!

He is holding his head up pretty well, the Dr says he's great, and he can sit in his bumbo chair for like 3 minutes working hard to hold that head up!

He also loves to be thrown up by his daddy! He almost laughs when he comes down from being thrown. He just loves his daddy in general and could stare and smile at him all day :)

He also cannot be still! If he is smiling he is wiggling! Hence the awkward pose in his 2 month picture :) But I LOVE it. He is such a cute wiggler!

He is also still a very loud sleeper! Grunting and making noises the whole time!

He's also become a lot more alert and will follow Mommy and Daddy with his eyes.

He will also look at Ruger now. We were trying to do one of the ASQ activities of putting a toy on the ground in front of him to see if he will look at it but Ruger was sitting on the ground with us and Michael had no interest in the toy, it was all about Ruger :) does Ruger count as a toy??

Well that's my 2 month old! He is growing so fast! It seems like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital.

The Godfreys are coming!

I don't think I've even mentioned on here that

The GODFREYS are coming!

"What?" you ask. "You are the Godfreys..." you say.

Well we are not the only ones!! ;)

Josh's mother and 3 of his brothers are moving in with us THIS friday!! They are making their way across the country right now!

Their move into our home is temporary, their move to the tucson/vail area is permanent! :)

My MIL will be looking for a job as a registered nurse and then will begin searching for or building their new home.

We are so excited to have them close to us and feel blessed to be able to provide a place for them to live while they are in transition.

Please pray that my MIL will find a job quickly, even in this difficult market.


4th of July

Michael in his 4th of July outfit with his cute grin, minus the pants :)

We had a lot of fun this 4th of July!

We woke up bright and early to head to our church for a flag raising and pancake breakfast! I think this was the first time we've (I've) done anything but watch fireworks and BBQ. It was a great way to start our Independence day!

We then went to the store! (thrilling, I know)

We had some friends over and at delicious food: homemade corn dogs! (mmm, but greasy!) Super yummy potato salad made by our friends the Telfords, and watermelon! We were supposed to go swimming but the monsoon rained on our parade...pun intended ;) But we'll take it!

And we rounded out our day by watching some neighbors shooting off fireworks and trying to see the cities from our backyard but the monsoon rains blurred it out.

All in all though it was great :)

We also figured out we can set our camera on our armoir and take family pictures with the timer..although the liking isn't so great.

New blog!

I have been on a crafting/DIY spree!!

It's been a lot of fun and I'm documenting it on my crafty/hobby blog

Check it out! :)