Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post baby

My dearest baby boy is 7 weeks old which means I am 7 weeks postpartum and trying to work on my body/fitness! I don't want my old body back...I want it to be better!

Before getting pregnant I lost about 30 lbs, which was fantastic and HARD.

I gained all of that PLUS some during my pregnancy...most in the last 2 weeks

Here's a little reminder of what I looked like. 40 weeks 3 days pregnant. HUGE.

As of yesterday (or today? I can't remember when I weighed myself!) I am officially at my prepregnancy weight. I lost all but 3-4 lbs in the first two weeks post baby, but those couple lbs were STUBBORN!

Even though I am at my prepregnancy weight my body does not feel the same.

I guess I am pretty close looking to my 7 week pregnant picture. still a little baby bump left.

At my 6 week check up I got the okay to start exercising and "dieting," but because I am still nursing dieting is a little different. I have to make sure to get my calories in and to drink TONS of water, even more than normal and for those of you that know me, you know I bring a bottle with me everywhere. I'm usually very hydrated. :)

Anyway, I've been working out every day using Lindsay Brin's 60 day slimdown dvds (postnatal boot camp and others!) They are AWESOME. I am SO sore all of the time, a good sore, the kind of sore that makes you feel like you really worked hard!

I've also been for the most part doing the beginning of the south beach diet. Which means no carbs (even fruit in the beginning!) or crap. Its been somewhat hard but it feels good to get rid of all my awful sugary snacky cravings.

I'll start reintroducing carbs into my diet soon, but the right amounts :)

My long term goal is to lose 40 lbs and to feel good about my body!

Wish me luck! (not that it will take luck..wish me work?)

Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's day!

at least I hope Josh feels that way ;)

It started the day before when we went to Big 5 to pick out some new hiking boots for Daddy! He got some great ones (and has been wearing them every day since "to break them in" I think he just likes them).

Then Sunday Josh woke up to a Smoothie in bed and his cute little son smiling at him. Michael helped me make the smoothie, swear. :)

He then got to open his presents, which included matching ties for him and Michael! My friend Erin and I made them for both of our husbands and babies. She has a 4 month old little boy, we know they were destined to be best buds :)

Aren't they SO cute!? The ties and my boys :)

I am so grateful for my husband! He is an amazing Daddy! He was born to be a dad. He will definitely be Michael's favorite once I stop nursing ;) Michael already loves to play with him and cuddle "near" him, sometimes on him :) Michael is one lucky baby and I am one lucky wife to have him in our lives!

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Sleeper

Two of the questions I get most often is "How is he sleeping?" or "Are you getting any sleep?"
I am almost embarrassed to answer
Michael sleeps between 6 and 8 hours every night pretty consistently, which means I am getting sleep (for the most part, sometimes I wake up just to check on him...)
I get embarrassed because when I tell people I feel like Im bragging. I know most babies aren't sleeping through the night before they are a month old, but I am very grateful.
We were a little worried at first. It was around 2-3 weeks that he started sleeping so long. His Pedi said it's fine because he's gaining well and eating a lot during the day.
We put Michael in his crib in his room at 4 weeks because he was so loud and I kept getting up to check on all of his grunts and he would still be SOUND asleep! I put one of my shirts in there with him to sleepso that he could still smell me. Ever since then the sleeping through the night has been pretty consistent. Oh and he also has a little giraffe (thanks Chelsie!) that plays the heart beat sound for 20 minutes and I think that helps too. He is just an amazing little boy!

Backyard Makeover

For the past YEAR that we have lived in our house, our backyard has looked like overgrown desert. Weeds and prickers had overtaken it. (should have gotten a picture)
We are FINALLY doing our backyard
and we are SO excited!
We are putting up an above ground pool, putting in two long skinny flower bed/garden things, 300 sq feet of artificial grass, around 50 sq feet of pavers to put a BBQ on next to our porch, and covering the rest of the ground with yavapai coral rocks. We are hoping its going to look nice and be able to be ENJOYED! That is the biggest goal!
Leveling the ground for the pool (after we picked weeds for a DAY!)

The start of one of the flower beds :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Signing Time

I've been wanting to learn sign and to sign with my baby since WAY before Michael was conceived but in the hussell and bussell of being pregnant and having a baby I completely forgot to learn anything or read up on it for the most part.

THEN (the best site EVER!) had a deal today for a HUGE set of Baby Signing Time products, a baby sign program with books, dvd's etc, and I've heard such great things that Josh and I decided to go for it!

I can't wait for it to get here and to start signing to Michael, even though he may not get it for a couple more months :)

One Month Old!

Michael is one month old!
I can't believe it has gone by so fast!
Things haven't changed much from the 3 weeks 4 days post BUT something I forgot to mention and that he has gotten even better at is holding his head up! We barely have to support his head anymore when we are holding him!
Also when he is on his play mat he can lift his head SO high! He loves his play mat and will grab at his toys and once he gets them in his grasp he does not want to let go! It's so fun to watch these little milestones start happening. He really is growing a mile a minute!
He will also turn to my voice and Josh's voice for the most part.
He LOVES music. We drove up to Mt lemmon to see it and have lunch up there before it closed and Michael was fussing in the back. He is not a fusser so that was pretty new but we turned on a Jenny Phillips Cd and he was stopped fussy but stayed awake just listening for most of the ride up the mountain. He will also hang out in his swing listening to the music.

Fussing as we left
Sleeping peacefully :)

Our little man is growing so much. I am so glad we get to watch him :)

Michaels Smile :)

Michael smiled for the first time, seemingly from play, on May 31st :)

He and I were in his room and I put him propped in the rocking chair while I picked his clothes out. I had the camera with me (Why? I really don't remember).

Our camera has a function where a clown comes on the front and it makes cute clown noises. I turned that on and was talking to him in my "(not so) cute baby voice" and he started smiling. Slowly at first like he was trying really hard :) It was SO cute! I wish I had gotten it recorded but I just got a couple pictures.

The only one of him actually smiling is blurry! What a bummer! But they're still cute!