Monday, January 30, 2012

It's the little things...

Like making Michael pancakes with applesauce and watching him devour them and when he finally looks up and sees me watching him he gives me the biggest, mouth fulliest grin :) and it melts my heart. 

I'm grateful that I am able to stay home and take care of my baby [and my bigger baby ;)]

And I am grateful that I am well.  That I felt good enough this morning at 6:30 am when Michael tells me he's ready to get out of bed, to scoop him up and get on the floor and play with him.

I'm grateful for the simplicity of life right now, even though sometimes, it doesn't feel so simple.  I love that, sometimes, and only sometimes, I get glimpses of the big picture and I can remember that being a little late, or staying up a little longer won't matter..even tomorrow. 

I want to be better at remembering who is important and what is important. 
I need to make time for the things that matter and cut time from the things that are wasteful.
I will.
It's the small things that make a big difference sometimes...

like seeing two babies on an ultrasound screen, right?
One and two are not that far apart? right?
So it's not really a big thing now, but i think in a couple months it's probably going to make a big difference?

Baby A and B, fraternal twins due August 26th 2012

Michael opening his "brother" shirt on Christmas morning for the family to see

If you want to read about our reactions go here

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

7...and 8 months!

I am the worst mommy blogger EVER!
Who misses 2 months of their child's life (on the blog)!?
At least I was there in real life :)

Michael is a little over 8 months now and growing so fast!

He weighs about 20 lbs and is about 29 inches tall!
 I try so very had not to carry him in his carseat anymore! (which he is about grown out of anyway!)

Michael still army crawls (im thinking this is just going to be his way of crawling)

He can go all the way down the hall in a matter of seconds!

He sits up on his own

Pulls up on EVERYTHING

especially his crib when he wakes up and I LOVE going in to see his cute face staring at me!

cruises around tables, chairs, couches and toys

Walks/Runs assisted by us or his dino toy

Oh and runs in his walker too!

He says mama, dada and hiiiii (and will bark at the dog sometimes!)

He also just started waving! even to my parents on skype!

He eats a ton and will let me know when he wants MY food, which is always :)

He loves to play with his friends, espeically Madi, who he would trade me for in a minute!

He's doing better sleep wise, thanks to Lisa's suggestion of Healthy sleep habits, happy child!

Still naps twice a day!

Jumps on his knees when he is excited!

He is also now drinking mostly formula from a regular bottle, any bottle!
(which is a big deal because it used to only be the $15 bottles!)

He also picks up any small thing he finds on the floor (and then puts it in his mouth so i have to watch him like a hawk!) but he's using his pincer grasp!

Still the happiest baby I know

and will go to anyone who looks at him, most of the time! Unless he's so tired and just "needs" mama :)

I am having the time of my life being a mom and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful baby! He's growing so fast and doing so much!  I am so proud of my little man!

Oh and i still haven't taken his 8 month picture! Like i said, worst blogger mommy ever!

8 months! With his "stick" that I talk about in the 9 month post!

my handsome little man!