Saturday, April 10, 2010

Culinary Arts!

I had a meeting with the Culinary Arts program director at my CC. It was SO fun, interesting and felt SO right. How awesome, right?

Well, anyway we planned out my whole schedule. This summer I'm taking Cake decorating and Candy Making class (5 weeks, 1 day a week)! The way the program is set up is its two days a week 8-440 those days. 1 day is lecture classes (I'll have 3 during the fall) then the second day is your lab course. I'll have 3 of those during the fall too and they last 5 weeks each. The first one is Bakery and Pastry production! It is the one I am MOST EXCITED FOR! Then Hot foods and then Garde Manger which is like..cold foods. Im really happy with the way they set up the program, it just makes sense. BUT its going to make it so I might not be able to keep my nanny job. We'll see though.

OH AND I have to wear a Toque, jacket, apron and those big baggy checkered pants like a real chef! haha I think i'll feel silly but eh it'll be kind of neat too! **tried to find a picture but nothing looked right, oh well!**

I am so EXCITED to start!

Can't Sleep

So I'm on the computer. I know it's not helping and I honestly haven't shut off the TV and tried yet but I can just feel it. Do you ever have days like that?

We get to go see our house on Tuesday. Our first of I think 3-4 appts before we close on our house!! (the closure would be the 3rd or 4th) Im trying to get Josh to let us go see it before Tuesday, Im just addicted! And it should be painted now!! AHHH its like a surprise because I know of the color but haven't seen it on a house. Its just supposed to be light white...Im super excited to see it! Sorry for the rambling!

House in its primered state!

In other news, we bought tickets to go visit Josh's family in PA for the end of MAY! Hooray! That will be fun! Really quick trip because Josh barely has a 4 day weekend. While there we'll go to Josh's best friend from HS's wedding, congrats to them!