Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life is good

We are getting SO close to being able to close on our new home and move in!!! We cannot wait! They stuccoed the outside last week!

I also decided to change my major. Im thinking im not passionate enough about teaching. It takes SO MUCH energy and I guess I just decided that I want to spend my energy on my own kids :) Josh and I weren't really planning on me working anyway so I figure might as well learn about something that I am more passionate about! SO i've decided to start working on a degree in Culinary Arts and someday (maybe if time and family allows) opening up a little bakery in our new town where we're going to be living! How amazing would that be?! ANYWAY, thats whats going on with us/me...that and Josh working his tail off with an awful night shift. It sucks to sleep alone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I take great comfort in knowing that my Savior has felt the pain that I feel; that he has felt it FOR me so that I can let it go.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This week was Josh's first week of Field Training! Its pretty exciting because he is finally out there doing what a law enforcement officer actually does! He's having a pretty good time and his first FTO (field training officer) is a pretty awesome guy! He's working days for the first two weeks which is good and bad. Its awesome because I still get to sleep next to my hubby BUT it kind of sucks because we never have a day off at the same time! SO Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday I am one LONELY girl!

Eventually tho he'll be working nights so at least he'll be home when Im home for the most part and sleeping while Im at work or class.

ALSO we got our official closing date for our home! APRIL 21st!! Its so soon and we CANNOT wait! :) Life is good!

Oh AND this week I got 20 boxes of FREE barilla pasta (whole wheat and piccolini) and 20 boxes of FREE Quaker Oatmeal squares cereal (which we, especially Josh, LOVE!) and some other AWESOME deals (nature valley granola bars/clusters, canned veggies, frozen foods)! We are well on our way to having food storage!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

It actually looks like a house!

I know! I know! All of my posts are going to be about our house for a while! There's not much a whole lot of exciting stuff going on :)

We find out the exact (or tentative exact) date that we should close on our house this Wednesday, but our Construction Manager told us April 20th is what she's thinking! How amazing is that!? APRIL!!

Here are some pics of our framed house!! :)

Look you can actually see our frame house there in the middle of the others :)