Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cloth Diapering!

Josh and I decided we are going to be cloth diapering

Part time.

We will start out using disposables while the Michael is still a newborn. Basically until he fits in the diapers we have (about 8 lbs) and until his newborn poop is done :)

We will be using cloth diapers at home and disposables when we are out and about (at least in the beginning).

Our reasons for cloth diapering are simple.

1. We hope to save money in the long run!
2. It should be better for Michael's skin.
3. They are SOO incredibly CUTE! :)

Also, cding isn't what it used to be! We have what people call all in ones! It's just like a disposable diaper except, you wash it instead of throwing it away! I can't wait to start and will be "prewashing" my diapers very soon!


February was SO incredibly busy and it still has a couple days left!

Work has been crazy, its conference time, we've had tons of field trips and lots of changes going on. I'm happy to say my last day will be the 24th, only 4 days from now! It's bittersweet. I'm so excited to get to stay home and "nest" and get all of my classes done *hopefully* before Michael comes but its also sad because I love my kids and my coworkers!

Valentine's Day weekend we took a quick road trip up to Provo! It was SO fun! We got to see many friends and our Aunt Maryann! Ms. Ashley Voyles and her new hubby were so kind to let us stay with them and it was so great to meet her husband! Can you believe we had never met him? Thats just RIDICULOUS!

We got yummy chinese food, visited our old MTC friends Brittni and Tyler, had lunch and went ring "browsing" with my dear friend cliffy and his great girlfriend lindsey and Sarah (We missed you Mikey!), and they all stayed late for fun at the Voyles with Chelsie and Morgan!

It was a great trip and well worth the drive!! And Im kicking myself right now because I didn't take ANY pictures, not one :(

Next Weekend we are making the trip up to Antelope to visit my side of the family and have a baby shower! It should be a great trip and Im SO excited! :)

I also started having Dr Appointments every 2 weeks! That means Im getting closer!!
30 weeks as of yesterday!! Also Michael is kicking and moving ALL of the time now! I feel him so much, it's amazing!

Oh and I almost forgot but in February we found out Michael is going to have a COUSIN! really close in age! My sister in law is due May 11 with their first baby boy too! :)

Here are some Belly pictures!
28 weeks!

30 weeks!

I know, they're side ways. Sorry!! I'll fix it later..maybe.


Is it sad that I had to look in my planner to remember what I did in January?

I started classes in January! I'm taking 12 credits, so full time school, so I can graduate with my associates degree in May.
All of the classes have to do with Early Childhood except the required computer course, that I honestly only looked at the syllabus for.
Its self paced! Thank goodness!

On the baby front, I took my glucose test in January and I don't have gestational diabetes! That was something I had been worried about from the beginning because diabetes runs in my family. So yay! for that!

I also started feeling Michael a ton more, he moves quite a bit and while I still get pretty good sleep at night, I am tossing and turning much more!

Here are some pictures of the cute stuff that was delivered in January!
Michael's bedding set!
Animals!! :)
My super cute PPB diaper bag :) I LOVE it and can't wait to fill it...although honestly, I don't even know what i'll put in a diaper bag..diapers? :)

AND cloth diapers :) I know, you're thinking "She is CRAZY!" but I'll make i'll explain in it's own post! :)

I am

not very good at blogging.

I will attempt now to make up for that :)