Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Job

I have a new job here in Tucson. Im going to be nannying again :) This time for 2 little boys, 3 and almost 2! It should be pretty fun. Im excited but nervous because i'll be going to school as well and still manning things around the house! Just hope I can still have time to make dinner for Josh and keep the apartment liveable.

I'll update on Christmas later, I'm too tired, yet its 12:20 am, church is at 9 am and Im still up. gross.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The sizes are all screwed up, sorry, but i give up on trying to change them!

Josh and I have been married for one whole year as of Sunday! :) SO exciting! We decided not to do presents this year because we are trying to save for a down payment on a house by APRIL :) (anyway thats another story!) It was my turn to plan because Josh planned for our 6 month anniversary, which we celebrate bigger because its hard to celebrate big with my birthday (btw Im 21 now, happy birthday to me!) and Christmas with in the week of our anniversary.

I wanted to plan something super fun for Josh that he would really enjoy and that we wouldnt always necessarily spend money on. Well after searching online for quite a while I FINALLY found what I was looking for!!

An Indoor Shooting Range
(where we got a discount because he is law enforcement and where we could rent 2 of the guns we were thinking about buying! SWEET!)

So I was going to try and suprise Josh on Friday and just go with out him knowing we were going


I cannot just take his gun...duh, we had no ammo and I didnt even know if I could buy it, and I needed him to bring the eye wear and ear plug you can see I had multiple problems to overcome.

So I did, Thursday night we were laying in bed and I said, "you wanna know what we're doing tomorrow?" He said, "sure." me, "Do you really wanna know?" him, "yeah." me, "Ok we're going to an indoor shooting range! I found one!" him, "sweet, I knew it!" with a cute little smirk on his face! What a punk. I then went on to ramble about how I couldnt do it with out telling him.

We slept in, something he rarely gets to do, and then left for the shooting range, it was kind of hard to find tucked away in a corner so we passed it once. Once we found it we could hear the gun shots from out side and I got REALLY nervous.

(I havent shot a gun since i was like 14 at girls camp and basically can't even remember it!)

But i went in none the less. We got to the counter and I expected Josh to take over but he did not say a word! Ah, I dont know what to say. So the guy comes up and the conversation goes something like this:

(also if you can picture this the guy definitely looks like a retired scuffy cop and everyone in the store working has at least one gun on their hip)

Guy: Hey, what can I do for you guys?
me: silence
Josh: silence
me: uh uh uh we want to shoot guns.
Uh, we need ammo too though, and we want to rent guns to shoot too. And my husband has a gun too. uh, yeah. Oh and dont you have classes? I want to sign up for the womens basic hand gun class.

Guy: OK, um well wait do you guys have a gun?
me: yes (i said that right? haha hadnt quite realized that i completely rambled and mumbled so everything would have to be repeated)
Then we get on to papers and buying stuff. Anyway, it was...a good experience??

We walked into the area where the shooting lanes are. We pick our lane and then all of a sudden


I jumped so high, my head hit the ceiling. (not really). but I felt SO dumb, of course there is going to be loud booms, im at a shooting range. DUH. I got used to it.

Josh has a glock 22 that is his duty gun and we want to get one that can stay in the house for me and one that will be concealed. So we tried a glock 27 for the concealed one because its smaller but shoots the same size bullet as the 22. It was pretty good. It has a good amount of kick but so does the 22. Then we tried the glock 21 and it uses size 45 bullets which dont seem that much bigger but LOOK so much bigger than the 40. That was my favorite gun, it scared me at first because it makes a much louder boom and you actually see the fire coming oout when you shoot! CRAZY! but AWESOME!

Anyway so we shot for a couple hours, had an awesome time. Josh loved it and he is SO good :) It was pretty hot to watch my hubby shoot a gun! Oh baby :)

Then that night we went and saw Have you Heard about the Morgans?
We had free tickets thanks to Kamry and Tyler! It was a pretty good movie, a lot better than I expected and pretty funny! Josh had to remind me there were other people in the theater, im kind of an all out laugher, just really loud :)

Then Saturday Josh went and did Shop with a Cop where he got to take little kids and their families around a target here and shop with them and let them pick out $100 worth of toys :) So cute, while he was there i was making cupcakes for our Happy Birthay Jesus party we were throwing for our CTR 5 class.

Then the rest of the day we were sick. icky. Didnt do anything, go out of the house, we barely moved. It was like some kind of crazy cold that knocked us out until Monday. So basically the rest of our "anniversary weekend" consisted of sleeping and laying in bed. I did make us a nice dinner on Sunday, Filet mignon, yummy corn, and stuffed baked potatoes. It was a good weekend even though we were sick!

Happy Anniversary Baby!!
We called it a sickiversary all weekend :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

Basically the weekend consisted of non stop nothingness fun :) We didn't do a whole lot but it was fun to relax and just spend time together! (These are some highlights!)

First on Thursday i made Josh a yummy pie!

Crumb Topped Apple Pie
(picture from so yummy recipes)

It was SO yummy, even though I burnt the top a little.
(We're having issues in our kitchen with the oven, everytime I use it the fire alarm goes off, even if nothing is burning, so I have to use our toaster oven, which is fine but things bake and brown a lot faster in that then in a regular oven so Im till getting used to it!)

On Friday we went and saw

It was such a GOOD movie! We both enjoyed it (me a little more!) and I would LOVE to see it again. This will definitely be something we buy!

On Saturday we had decided we were going to watch the Ultimate Fighter Finale!

Watch TUF 10 Episode 4 Is Kimbo Slice Back? Live streaming

(This is a bad quality picture but its the best I could find!)

It ended up being REALLY good! We couldn't believe that Roy knocked out Brendan! We have been following the season from the beginning and Josh has seen almost every season since they started.

I havent always been into UFC, in highschool I had friends who would watch it and I could NOT stand it. When I found out Josh watched it, I said ok you can watch whatever you want. (Just not rated R). Then when we got married I said fine you can watch it but OUR KIDS will NEVER watch it. Its awful and bloody and violent.


I watched Season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter show.

The two Ultimate Fighter coaches square off
It was USA v. UK. Dan Henderson v. Michael Bisbing and their teams.

It ended up being SO good! I learned that UFC is actually a sport, there are rules, you can't just go in and do whatever you want to win. Also most fighters ALMOST always hug after the fights because it truly is a sport! Now that I understand a lot of the technical elements of mixed martial arts I completely love it!

ANYWAY, The Ultimate Fighter finale started at 10 pm our time so we had a lot of evening to kill before then! We decided to go to the park near our apartment and bring the camera.

Oh it was a blast!

We walked around, took pictures in trees and on the workout gym thing.

And i uploaded the pictures last...cuz i suck :) SO they are all the way at the top! Anyway, thats life! It was a blast! We then headed over to this gelato shop on our way home!! It was SO YUMMY!

(The pictures again are on the top! All out of order! :) sorry)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blog going private!

Due to the nature of Josh's career, we have been advised not to have things where people can search and find out information about us. SOOO that means this blog is going private, so if you want(and we want you too! whats a blog with out readers!!) to continue to read and catch up with us we need your email address! Thanks :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I know its not that great of a picture of our 3 foot tree but i like that you can tell its lit up :)
This is our Kitchen table with a nativity scene and some vases i arranged with white orchids and velvet cherry blossoms, a vanilla candle and red gem rock things. It was really fun to try and be creative!

This is our front window with the little cling on stickers :) I thought they were fun (and only a dollar! haha)

I knew that because of our apartment size we would not be able to have a full size Christmas tree and i used to have a cute small fiber optic one but i believe i left in an old apartment in Provo (sad) but this gave me an opportunity to go to the store and see what fun Christmas decorations i could find! It was a blast, let me tell you that!

(Even though as soon as I got there my pants ripped down the back of my leg and I just kept shopping for about an hour pretending like i didnt care and hadn't noticed haha)

Walmart was crowded with people buying Christmas decorations so it was hard getting through all the aisles but i managed to find more than enough for our cute little apartment! I waited for Josh to get home to decorate the tree with me while we listened to Josh Groban's NOEL :) **Thanks Kamry**

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!!
(pretty sure its my favorite holiday)

It will be interesting spending the holiday this year just us two, with out other family around. I know we will miss our families a lot but it will be nice to try and start our own traditions. We still haven't figured out exactly what we're going to do.

Maybe we'll bake cookies for Santa in hopes that he'll bring us a house :)

Being real, I am looking forward to reading about the birth of our Savior and his ministries :) Eating some yummy food (hopefully finding someone to share it with) and then going to see Christmas lights. It will be a nice and relaxing holiday weekend.

Merry Christmas Everyone!