Saturday, October 8, 2011

So blessed

I'm not going to say I'm not grateful for my life, husband, baby or family but there are days where I know I take everything for granted...

and then there are days like today, where I can't help but feel overwhelmed that I get to wake up every morning and live my life.

Here's a glimpse


Yes, he is turning on the music with his head.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today I have a 5 month old

(I've never been able to use that as a title because I've never blogged on the day! Hooray!)
And then I didn't even get to post it that day!

Michael is growing up SO fast. I know everyone says that but really I feel like in the past 5 days he's become a whole new baby!

Michael is VERY tall. He's tall enough for his 6-9 month clothes but still a little skinny, so he wears both 3-6, 6-9 and we even squeeze him in some 0-3 pants :)

His hair is getting too long in one spot (back of the top) so I'm probably going to trim it just a little this week!

Michael has rolled over twice from back to front, but still doesn't really have any desire to do so. He just cocks his head and lays on his side to look at things behind him.


He is definitely teething and I can see two little teeth coming up (although he's rarely fussy! Thank goodness!)

He is making so many new noises

He loves to talk, yell, blow bubbles, spit, fake cough, and whine/cry at me with his tongue out.

He's started to get to the I want mommy stage and when he wants me he lets me know by whine/crying "EH EH EH!" It's the funniest thing (although I usually let him stay with whoever he is with. I'm glad he loves me but I don't want him to only be able to be with mama)

He found his feet and LOVES to stick them in his mouth!

He can put his own binky back in his mouth.

He loves eating food cereal, squash, bananas, avocado pretty much anything. Although green beans did take him a while to eat.

He reaches for everything he wants, including the dogs and PEOPLE now :) It's adorable, unless I'm holding him and he reaches for someone else!

He has started to lift his body up when he's on his belly but usually ends up falling sideways and rolling over. He tries to scoot around and crawl, but has only managed to push himself backwards so far!

He can sit for about 10 second on his own, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. It all depends how interested he is with what is going on in front of him!

He's still a very happy baby and will smile at anyone he sees, unless they have a beard, then he looks confused!