Friday, April 6, 2012

11 Months!

Michael is almost a whole year old now.  That is just crazy! 
I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!

Michael is walking all over, all of the time! He still crawls as well but walking is his first choice! By 12 months I'm pretty sure there will be no more crawling.

Michael also has started clapping all of the time

And dancing! We car dance and have a blast :) He is the funniest boy ever!

Michael waves goodbye, but only after the people have turned around to leave!

We also watch Little Einsteins occasionally and MIchael LOVES it. He actually pats along with the show or helps mommy pat! It is the best! That's usually about the farthest we get into the show before he goes to play but he loves the music.

Michael also started playing outside in front of the house with the big kids this month! We take his dinosaur outside and he walks all over our neighborhood! He crawled in the rocks and even got a little scrape on his knee (that of course he didn't even care about) but that's kind of a big milestone for our active little boy. "First scrape" 

Michael also started telling the dogs (and people :/ ) to get "down!"  He also tries to say dog(doog) and doggy(doo-ggy) and will do a low grunt when he tries to bark/talk to the dogs! He loves those puppies!

This month was Michaels first Easter egg hunt too! Mommy sat him in front of an orange egg and that was his! He loved to shake it.  Then tried to take his buddy Madison's pink egg until our friend's children brought over all their extras! He also got to bounce in a bounce house for the first time! He had a blast! 

There is just SO much going on with our baby(toddler?) boy! 

Oh and he also found out he is going to have 2 little BROTHERS! 

Michael started playing fetch with himself. Get the ball, throw the ball. repeat :) 

Where's Michael? There he is!!

Taunting the doggies!