Monday, March 5, 2012

Double Digits!

Michael Alexander Godfrey is 10 months old!

This month has meant HUGE changes for him!

He is now a professional speed crawler and darts for ANYTHING mommy doesn't want him to get!

He has also tried dog food..and rabbit poop but rabbit poop is totally organic, I'm sure. It's just grass..  :/

Got his first "bad" cold that we are still suffering through :(

He also started letting go of things he's pulled himself up with
decided that he could walk by himself this month! He's not a professional yet and has only taken 6 steps at the most but his usual is around 3-4 at a time then he sits down and crawls!  But if he's pulled himself up then he will try and walk before he crawls! It's exciting BUT it also made me cry a little. Babies don't walk...toddlers walk!

Daddy gets up around 3pm at our house and Michael just seems to know when its time to wake him up and will go to our (shut) door.  Bang it and say "da-ey da-ey dadadada!" It is seriously the best.  Sometimes when we get home he just wanders around the house calling daddy's name!

Instead of saying "mama" Michael now says ra-ra to me...and the baba. :) What a funny boy!

Michael also got to meet his cousin Seth and his Aunt Jenn for the first time! :)

Michael and Madi playing with the magnetic board and letters in our new playroom! Michael likes to just take all the letters off and throw them around. Typical Michael :)
He seriously is a great kid, I love him more than anything and I'm so glad he was my first baby!

9 months

My little baby is 9 months old and not so little anymore!

This month Michael decided he could lift his belly and "regular" crawl after 3 months of army crawling!

He solely drinks formula now and LOVES to see me shaking his baba!

He makes this sucking in air sound when he is excited and it is hilarious!

He (finally) sleeps beautifully! He goes down about 6:30 pm sleeps until 4 or 5, eats a bit, then back down until 6:30ish!

He is also SO ticklish!

His favorite toy is a drumstick (or any stick).  He uses it as a sword, a pointer, a wand and to bang on anything that makes a fun noise! 

He's still pulling up and cruising around anything and everything.  He is getting SO fast!

He weighed in at 20 lbs 10 oz and stetched out at 29.5 inches!

Mommy was a slacker and forgot to take his blanket picture for this month! :(

So here's a few for fun!

Michael with his "bow and arrow" made by his Uncle Jonathan

Investigating the wood chips after our picnic at the park!

We tried "painting" in a plastic bag. He wasn't a fan, just threw the bag on the floor!

Michael and his binky! He LOVES it..we've started to hide it so he only has it during sleeping times and car rides..except when he's sick!