Saturday, September 25, 2010

9 weeks

My baby no longer has a tail AND has fingers and toes.

Grow baby, Grow!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh baby,

Why do you scare me so?

Yesterday I had to get lab work done AND do a glucose tolerance test for GESTATIONAL diabetes, Mind you I'm only around 8 weeks pregnant! Diabetes runs VERY...strongly(?) in my family so my doctor wants to the test already just to be sure. Anyway, we'll see how that went soon.

On to the scare.

I woke up to go potty (like I do Oh at least 2-3 times a night) and got this HORRIBLE, AWFUL unexpected pain in the lower left part of my abdomen. It hurt so badly that I doubled over in pain, got extremely nauseous, went white, and started sweating. It was the most excruciating pain I've ever felt (which also made me HIGHLY doubt I will be successful with the "natural" birth I have been leaning toward). When I could talk I called Josh for a bowl to toss my cookies in, although I was able to hold it in. After a couple minutes I was able to get up and started to feel better. Later I called the On-call nurse and she said because my body is changing so much for my baby it could very well have been

extreme gas pains.

Can you believe that? Pregnancy is CRAZY.

I've been fine since then (No cramping and no blood). Still crappy feeling because well..I'm pregnant and my beautiful little baby is sucking all my energy and health BUT that is A okay with me! They can have it all :)

btw-I CANNOT wait for my next appt. October cannot come soon enough!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 Hearts!

Well I am officially PREGNANT!!

There are 2 hearts beating inside of my body at this very moment!

It has been a long journey for Josh and I to conceive this baby and we are SO grateful that Heavenly Father has granted us the opportunity to be parents and entrusted us to raise one of his children.

We found out August 25th after the day before I had gone to have 2 ultrasounds to check my insides to make sure all my "parts" were working right. The ultrasound tech when starting the second ultrasound said "Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?" No. I had not. I had basically lost hope that we would be able to get pregnant, at least for that cycle, but of course her question raised my suspicions and I needed to go to the grocery store anyway, so I picked up a test. The next morning I woke up and finally talked myself into just "taking the test because it's better to just know than to wait for aunt flo to come"

The results of that ^ test were FABULOUS. I walked into the bedroom, stood in shock for a moment and then mauled Josh with the news. In his barely awake stooper, he looked at the test, said "Really? Yay," and gave me a hug. (Later, once he had fully awoken he gave me a much better reaction).

The next day I called the doctors office made an appointment for September 13th and started counting down the days!

The 13th felt like forever away BUT it finally came and after worrying about getting an early ultrasound, I didn't even have to ask and my doctor just gave me one. After doing a belly sonogram and having it be "too hard to really see anything other than the sac" she suggested we do a vaginal ultrasound. Of course I agreed and right away...
my little "peanut" showed up on the screen with it's little heart flickering away! We even got to hear the heart beating! It was amazing and one of the best feelings I have ever experienced!
I am 7 weeks and 6 days today (or 7 weeks 4 days depending upon what you go by) and so excited to prepare for our little baby to come and join us.

So far I have not really gotten sick. I get a little nauseous if I don't eat when I'm hungry and I get headaches a lot more, oh and my boobs hurt like mad. I also never feel rested but it's worth it and I'm glad to know my peanut is beating it's heart inside me :)

(I know not many people read my blog but for those who check in, that's my little surprise for you...if you didn't already know ;) enjoy!)