Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh and I forgot...

My wonderful husband had these pretty peach colored roses in a vase on the kitchen table for me when i got home from work :) Oh i love him :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

First day of Nannying :)

Today was my first day nannying :) It was a pretty fun day. Whitney is absolutely adorable and definitely in the independent she can do everything herself stage! Today was basically just a play day, we played outside, read books, and made a track for little race cars :) Oh and we cooked with Dora the Explorer! Whits brothers came home about 3:30 and started playing basketball in the playroom while whit and I played with play dough, then we went into Jaxons room and they played bball some more. Whit was SO tired by this time. She wanted gum and end up kind of laying on the floor, then the soft ball Jaxon was throwing hit her :( She cried..a lot. Poor girl, she probably would have gotten over it fast if she wasnt completely exhausted..So anyway basically that ended my first day. It was fun tho. Oh and I forgot it got off to a late start because i went to get my hair cut at like 10 and didnt get done until noon! when i was supposed to arrive at their house! ah! But anyway thats ok :) Kim forgave me lol. So thats my short little blog today, also i'll post pictures of my new hair cut soon :) its SO short. Josh doesnt like that back haha Poor husband :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Draper Temple Open House and Cleaning Date :)

On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the Draper Temple Open house with Josh's Aunt Maryann :) It was a lot of fun and brought back memories of going to the Sacramento Open house! The draper temple is SO beautiful! Its not a huge temple but its definitely not small. I wish i had some pictures to post..our camera that has a broken screen but we decided to bring anyway ended up not having any battery left. Oh gosh. sorry. So that was a great experience and a nice way to forget about school and all of the other things we were supposed to be doing.

Friday Josh and I decided to have a cleaning date. We started them just after we got married, so its only been almost 3 months :) but they have ended up being about every other week :) We take a friday night and get our apartment clean. We try and do it as fast as we can but still make sure that everything gets done. Its actually fun, well as fun as cleaning can be. Then once we are done we go out to hello yogurt or have ice cream and relax in our nice clean apartment. Its SO great. I love it when its clean. This time we decided to stay at home and have some neopalitan ice cream sandwiches made with vanilla wafers :) Oh deliciousness :) After we cleaned i decided to take some pictures of our living room so that people can see its actually somewhat lived in and we do have some furniture! yay!! :) its kind of sparse but i love it :) especially our curtains and monster sac! :)

yes that is NCIS in the background on our TV. we are addicted to it :)And thats our apartment well the living room at least :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yes, I thought the title of this post definitely needed to be in capital letters.

I have been looking for a job since Josh and I got married. I had one all lined up for when we got back from California after Christmas (signed the hiring and benefits paperwork and everything) and then it fell through. Its been so tough interviewing, not even get emails back from applying, just everything. This job was the last job applied for and the one I wanted most so basically I wasn't holding my breath. I had planned to call the MTC today and get a schedule starting for me so that I could be working again. Thanks goodness Kim, the woman I will be working for called this morning and told me she hoped I had not found another job yet :) I am going to be nannying for this cute family here in Provo. The mom, Kim is going back to school to get her bachelors degree in Nursing. So while she is at school and studying for about 4 hours a day I will be at her house playing with, teaching and caring for her cute little 2 1/2 year old daughter Whitney and then two of her older sons Jackson and Colson after they come home from school. I am so excited and so grateful to have this job! I hope it works out well :) Also thanks to Jaimee and Natasha who were great references for me :) She said she heard all she needed to hear from you guys to know I would be great for the job. Im so excited to have a job and one that I will like nonetheless :) hooray! Life is so good. Now I just have to figure out school and working again. haha. It is going to be weird not having all the time in the world to do stuff anymore.

Monday, March 9, 2009

First Blog

Well I decided to do what a lot of other people are doing, I got a blog. I think it could be pretty fun. Things have changed a lot since Josh and I got married. Its been absolutely wonderful. I still haven't really found a job yet...I'm waiting to see if i got the nanny position I applied for, i'll find out today. If not or if we decide its better I'll probably just end up at the MTC again. It is good pay but bad hours for me, but it will be nice to have two incomes again/we need two incomes. lol. Well we made our new apartment a little home. We like it a lot, aside from the ghetto neighborhood we live in. I'll have to take some pictures and then add them :) We also are now planning a trip to Antelope either Easter Weekend or right after April 22 when the semester ends. I am taking 8 credits during Spring and 8.5 during summer and Josh is taking 4 and 4. So we'll definitely still be working and living here in Provo. Not very much time for vacation and relaxing but we are trying to put something together for the end of August before school starts again. We have a free cruise we could go on, but getting to where it takes off from (Florida) is a problem. We would love to go on another but eh we dont really want to spend that much, so we also have 3 nights 4 days at a hotel in LA or San Diego which is driveable so we'll probably end up doing that :) Gosh just writing about it makes me want to leave now. i miss the sun.

We went to Baby Lydia's Blessing yesterday! It was wonderful :) Josh got to participate in the blessing as well which was really awesome. I love seeing my husband doing stuff like that. Oh gosh :) Could really feel the Spirit, Its amazing how much babies themselves are blessings. So wonderful :) We got to spend the day with Brittni, Tyler, and some of her friends. It was fun to hang out with another married couple for a little bit. They are so sweet.

Today is grocery shopping day :) I love it...I know I'm crazy but I do! We usually plan to buy all our groceries for two weeks. We plan out all our meals so we know what to buy, but since life is getting kind of unpredictable we weren't eating what we thought when we thought so now we're going to try and do just one week at a time, still plan out the meals tho! I like the planning part and we love making new recipes so if anyone has any good ones, you should share! We have made so many of the ones people have given us already :) At my bridal shower one of the games we played (well kind of a game) was everyone writes down their favorite recipe on a note card and then Ash and Lead put them in a folder thing for me. Its great! So that is definitely something everyone should do at their bridal shower. I had never heard of it before, but it was fun and useful!

So Anyway, I think im going to like this blog thing. :)