Sunday, November 29, 2009

A very Disney Thanksgiving!

Josh and I after going on Thunder Mountain!

My mom and Dan (waiting in line for Haunted Mansion)

Waiting in line for Haunted Mansion (night before Christmas style!)

Fun at lunch :)

We left for Anaheim on Wednesday at 7pm (right after Josh got home and took a quick shower). The drive went pretty smooth and we got to the hotel about 2 am, went straight to bed and woke up Thanksgiving morning and headed over to DISNEYLAND! We did a lot of rides and the lines really were not bad at all! We watched them light the tree and the castle and then left the park. I had a pretty bad headache so we went back to the hotel, rested a bit then headed over to Kaptain Kidds for a thanksgiving buffet! It was pretty yummy and had some traditional food (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie) and some not so traditional (chinese food, spaghetti, enchiladas)! The three days at Disneyland and California Adventure went by SO fast! We got to do everything we wanted to do (more than a couple times for the most part). I think the favorites of the group were Space Mountain, california screamin, tower of terror and grizzly river rapids! We went on all of them multiple times (except for tower of terror which Josh and i didnt go on, but Dan, brent and my mom loved it!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saying Thank You

I think the value of saying Thank you is greatly underestimated. I just realized this when someone I knew said Thank you in a blog post for an anonymous thoughtful gift was given to them over a year ago. It made me think about saying thank you and how much simple things people do can mean so much to the receiver yet sometimes the person that did them never realizes what it meant. I know i need to work on saying Thank you more and making sure those who do great things for me know how much i appreciate them. :)

I know I already posted about thanksgiving, but during this time and all year Thank you really means a lot. In primary this month the kids were taught a song that said thank you in MANY different languages. I love the song!

Children All Over the World
All over the world at the end of day,
Heav’nly Father’s children kneel down and pray,
Each saying thank you in his own special way,
Saying thank you, thank you in his own special way.
“Gracias.” “M¯al¯o.” “Wir danken dir.”
All over the world tender voices hear.
Some say “tak,” others “merci,”
“Kansha shimasu,” we thank thee.
Our Heavenly Father hears them;
He understands each tongue.
Our Heav’nly Father knows them;
He loves them, loves them, ev’ry one.

Just thought i'd share :)

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

My friend Beth posted this video on her blog. I watched it and it really touched my heart. This year has been one of the most life-changing I have ever experienced. Its been the hardest yet most amazing year of my life. I feel like I have grown so much (and still have a long way to go!) through the adversity that has been laid before Josh and I. Not only have we grown together as a couple but we've grown in probably every aspect of our lives. Its been a really tough year financially, emotionally, future-ly (i dont know a word that i could use to describe the tough decisions we have had to make regarding our future so thats what im going with), but I am SO grateful for everything that we have experienced.

We moved away from everything we knew and were comfortable with because we felt that it was what our Heavenly Father wanted for us. I think it was probably one of the hardest decisions (if not the hardest) i've ever had to make when I let go of my fears of moving and Josh becoming a law enforcement officer and let the spirit guide us. We didn't know whether Josh would get the Job with police department but we did know that either way we were supposed to move to tucson. Its been a good experience, tough and stressful, but so good. We have both grown because of it. And if it weren't for our Heavenly Father, family, and friends, I dont know how we would have made it. I am so grateful for our families, they both show us such love and support and always know when we need them, whether we ask or not. I am also so grateful for Temples. We can help others by going to the temple but also help ourselves. The spirit is strong in them, I can truly feel my Heavenly Father with me when we enter into any temple. Answers can come so strong inside the temple, We can receive revelation from our Father in Heaven and I am so grateful that we have the spirit to testify to us of the things we need to do. I know I would be completely lost if I did not have the spirit to guide me.

We have been blessed by Josh being hired in a completely awful market to a job that will provide for us. I am grateful for his job and his willingness to serve our community and even though i complain about the academy, i truly am grateful that he's there and that he is learning so much. I would not want him out on the streets with out the knowledge that he has gained through the teachers and experiences at the academy. I am grateful for our apartment, even tho its small, it's so cheap and was perfect for us because even when we didnt have an income we could still make rent. I am so grateful for the gospel, for church every Sunday, and now especially for Primary. I wish I had the opportunity to go when I was a child and am very grateful we are getting to serve in it now so that I can learn songs and the "foundation" of the church and the book of mormon in an easier to understand way. It has been such a blessing to feel the sweet spirit of the little children in Primary. They are so close to our Heavenly Father. I can't wait to have some of our own, to fill our home with Heavenly Father's love. I am in a very grateful "mood" right now and Im going to try and make it last :)

We leave for Disneyland tomorrow night, I am so excited and grateful to be going and to get to visit some family for the holidays :) Life is good.

I posted it twice, sorry. Now you can watch it twice, in two different places, its THAT good :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where has chivalry gone?

Maybe it's because I got used to Provo, or because I expect my husband to be chivalrous, not just towards me but towards anyone we come in contact with, but it seems as if chivalry has pretty much disappeared.

Today after grocery shopping for groceries for the rest of the month (Thats a pretty good amount), I came home parked the car and there were two guys just chatting in the parking lot. I had to park on the other side of the parking lot, lug my groceries across and then up the stairs to our apartment.

They just watched.
Why would they just watch me make multiple trips to and from my car without bothering to help?

Boy do i miss Provo (sometimes), my husband (always), and days that I wasn't even alive for back when people helped each other just because it was a nice thing to do (how can i miss them? not sure, but movies and grandma stories sure make it sound nice)

Just an FYI, im not mad, its normal now i guess, just thought i would blog about it.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Saturday night Josh and I went on a wonderfully fun date to PF Changs for his birthday. We asked for a table outside so we were seated super fast and the weather was PERFECT out there, thank you Arizona! (btw for anyone not here in AZ its still been in the 80's and even the 90's last week!) We got this great dinner for two where we could get a whole 4 course meal for a good price :) It was Josh's first time at PF Changs and he liked it a lot! It was a nice romantic evening and so great to just relax, talk, and not be preoccupied with everything going on at the academy. Its funny because we always talk about how every day is a date or FHE because its just us two all of the time but i think this weekend I realized its really not, we still need to take the time to get away from normal life. We're definitely going to be trying harder to have dates that let us relax :)

Josh and I were called to be Primary Teachers for the CTR 5 class :) Yesterday was our first time in the classroom :) We team teach with another couple because the class has a hard time with reverence. haha Of course they're 5! Anyway, it was super fun and we are teaching the lesson next week about how in serving others we serve Christ. I'm so excited to learn all the fun songs and lessons because I never got to be in primary and I've always felt that i was missing out on all the songs and memorization that people would refer to, Im so excited for this opportunity to learn and teach, plus the kids are super cute!!

Also yesterday, Josh and I went over to Kamry and Tyler's to play games with them and 2 other couples, Alyssa and Briggs and Elna and Michael. It was tons of fun, we love scene it and turbo cranium. It also gave me an excuse to make more twinkies :) with my new twinkie pan. I found a recipe for some cream similar to what usually goes in real twinkies. I made chocolate twinkies half with peanut butter filling and half with the cream. They turned out pretty yummy, I think they are more fun to make than to eat though!! Kamry also made some yummy Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which are SOOOO good :) mmmm. And Elna and Michael brought some candy, all in all it was a pretty good sugar buzz...hahahaha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melt it Off!

So I got this new work out program called Melt it off!

I tried it yesterday and it was KILLER! I can barely walk today! haha It was pretty interesting and I had read reviews that said the instructor guy was too happy and all that but i really thought he wasn't too intense. I liked it a lot and i'll definitely do it again tomorrow!

btw, I have lost about 4 pounds to date! Its a good start, im excited and only 6 more until i get my hair done!! yeah!!

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Today is my wonderful husbands 24th birthday! :) He's getting so old!! I got him a new MP3 player, it looks like an ipod nano but he didnt want an actual nano, so that saved us a little bit of money :) I wanted him to have it for work so on Sunday I hid it under his pillow wrapped in the wrapping it came in because we did not have any wrapping paper. It took him FOREVER to find it but it was fun when he did becasue he just laughed and then got all joshy on me and opened it up, played with it and figured out every little detail about it :) He's funny like that.

Have you ever heard of Funnybones?? They look like this

And they are josh's favorite snack of all time. So Im making my own today for him! I got a twinkie pan
and now i'll be making devils food twinkies and filling it with a peanut butter mixture :) and drizzling chocolate over it! Im so excited for him to see that i made them for him!

Also, on his last birthday I wrote him 23 reasons why I love him :) so this birthday i'll write 24:
1. He works his tail off to support us.
2. He wakes up early so he can spend 15 minutes before work cuddling with me.
3. He is SUPER handsome!
4. He wants to have lots of babies, just like I do.
5. He is a tough guy, but not tough at the same time.
6. He has some of the best stories I have ever heard!
7. He tells me he loves me all of the time.
8. He loves to cuddle.
9. He is amazing with kids, they always like him more than me :)
10. He is an amazing big brother.
11. He has a really strong testimony and shows it through his actions.
12. He is always willing to do service for others.
13. The first thing he does when he walks through the door is hug me! (actually he puts his stuff down so he can hug me. lol)
14. He makes the best scrambled eggs in the world, anything breakfast actually.
15. He makes me feel very protected and secure.
16. He knows so much about everything, he's super smart!
17. He's so good at cooking meat!
18. He works hard in everything he does.
19. He always kills the bugs.
20. He helps do laundry, dishes, and cleaning the house when he has time and doesn't complain about it!
21. He is a very good teacher and explainer.
22. He taught me some MMA stuff that we enjoy together now!
23. He eats everything I make him and always says he likes it, but I can ALWAYS tell whether he really likes it :)
24. He can always make me laugh, and i know he would do anything to make me happy. :)

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!
haha love this picture :)