Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Buy!

Kind of the second but that didn't work out as planned. We bought a gender neutral car seat because it was SUCH A GOOD DEAL, so good that walmart said it was a misprint. SO sad. They did give us a $15 gift card for the "trouble" though. Not that it would make up for the $100 we thought we were about to save!


We bought the CUTEST changing table/dresser! Mrs. Lisa Williams found hers and I LOVED it so I had to find a similar one that would go with what we wanted to do in our nursery and I DID!!
Buying this made me feel like we REALLY are going to have a baby! AH! I have been itching to just go shopping for our baby but hopefully this will tide me over for a little while!

My next appointment is Tuesday! I most likely won't get another sonogram until my anatomy scan in 4 weeks. We were going to pay to do the gender scan early BUT since Im measuring a week behind I wouldn't be able to do it until I was 17 weeks and I'm getting my anatomy scan for free at my doctors at 19 weeks so I guess it's not really worth it, at least thats what I'm telling myself so I save that money for something else (like a crib or a travel system, oh the possibilities!)


We got to fly to Pennsylvania to visit Josh's side of the family last week!

We had such a great time and love visiting his family so much!

We even had a little birthday party for Josh and the other birthdays near the fall!

The whole time we were there we were being fed great food! it was so yummy! Also every time there was an option for food or any kind of eating going on, everyone would say "oh the baby wants it" and would give it to me :) It was so funny. Although it was usually things the baby didn't necessarily want (or need) but Mama wanted it. haha Like the sticky bun at the market. SO delicious!

Gina and the boys are supposed to move here next summer! I really hope it happens that way because we would love to have them closer! We've only been home a week and we miss them already!

Baby update!

I'm 15 weeks pregnant as of yesterday!

My last sonogram was at 12 weeks ish. They measured the baby's neck and pricked my finger to test for down syndrome. The results came back saying everything was normal! :)

The best part of that appointment was seeing our little baby again! He/She was moving around and thrusting their body at the sonogram wand. I don't think they liked how hard the dr was pushing (I didn't really like it either!)

Profile picture of our baby at 12 weeksAt the end of the sonogram the baby turned and faced the wand! It was so neat to see our baby's face and feel like they were looking at us!

Even if they did look a little creepy ;) Creepy but SO CUTE :)
(I hope our baby has a sense of humor otherwise, he/she probably won't like my little adaptation of their photo)

My actual dr (not the one doing the sonogram) said that even though I ovulate later than most it's still within 2 weeks so she's going with my April 30th due date with out dating my baby. So at this appointment I asked the dr doing the sonogram to date the baby just for my information to see where they are at. The actual due date of what the baby was measuring is May 6th so I'm about a week off BUT i'm ok with going with the April 30th due date because that means i'll have my baby sooner :) As long as they're healthy and ready to come a little early!