Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Me Time

Since having the twins, I realized very quickly that I needed "me time"
There was a lot going on after having the twins, everything just seemed to put added stress on our family and on me.
I, now, do two things to keep me sane: crochet and work out.
I started trying to learn to crochet when I was in the hospital on bed rest trying to keep the twins in and my blood pressure down.  Then my mom came after they were born and helped teach me. I got the hang of it and fell in love! I started a little business, SweetBug Boutique, and people ask me a lot "How do you have time?!"
Honestly, Maybe I don't? But I make time because it helps me to destress and to feel accomplished when I finish something.
Now, working out is a new one for me. I've NEVER liked working out, running, anything like that! I loved to play sports but didn't like to work out for the sake of working out.  But now, I love it! It's my time to think and take care of me! I bring the kids to the child care there (Which is fantastic!) and I get a little break to run or take a class.  We don't plan on having another child for a couple years so I wanted to take this time to get myself in shape! I don't have any excuses. I'm not nursing anymore and I have a long enough amount of time to get all of my extra weight off, SO I'm committed and its become fun :) Who would have thought?!
Me in my size smaller jeans! Woo hoo! And dont mind the hair! I do it like this...

So I can get it like this and only take about 20 minutes to be ready! Gotta be fast when you're a mama of 3!
I feel like a lot of people say "Enjoy them while they're young" and other similar phrases and while I totally agree ( and try my best to enjoy all 3 of my babies), I think we, as women, need to take some time for ourselves as well.  We need to enjoy ourselves "while we're young" ;) And not feel bad about leaving the kids with the hubby or a babysitter. I know after I get some "me time," I am a much better mama.

 I feel like the trend right now is to be the perfect mother and the perfect housewife. I, by no means, am perfect.  And after experiencing what I've experienced through having the twins ( ITS HARD) some of the things people say really get to me.  Not in a way where I feel awful anymore but in a way where I want to make it known that we, as women and mothers, don't have to be perfect! We CAN be frustrated and angry and sad, even with our children.  That doesn't mean we don't love them.  I love my kiddos more than I ever knew I could but I don't always enjoy what they do! It does go by fast but that doesn't mean I'm going to miss the tantrums or crying for hours on end.  And I think one of the hardest parts of transitioning from just Michael to 3 little babies was feeling like I needed to enjoy my kids all of the time and feeling like I was inadequate because I was not enjoying rocking my colicky, screaming baby every night. That's just not real life.
Anyway, I love my minis and I try to be the best mama for them.

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  1. I love your blogging. I totally agree with your post. I go running and I am much more patient when I have done something for myself. But oh man, I wish we could all get rid off the guilt we feel. Way to find things that you enjoy! And way to fit into a size smaller pair of jeans!