Saturday, November 17, 2012

Michael 18 month

Michael is 18 months old!
Can you believe it?
I can't.
He does and says so much now!
He has more words than I can keep track of and can climp up and go down the slide by himself at the park.
This is probably my favorite age so far! Even though we have a lot of "NOOO!" going on, we still have a lot of fun.
Some of Michael's favorite things right now are:
Yo gabba gabba (YO!! or wawa)
his elmo blanket and rockin' Elmo
Riding his 4 wheeler
poking his brothers
Saying "Colton and Callan"
Jumping and wrestling with Mommy and Daddy
Dancing- He wakes up every morning and points at the TV for Pandora or his CD player in the playroom and says "Dance?"
Counting before he does anything. His favorite to say is 5, 7, 8, go!
Reading books by himself
Singing while he swings out back, adorable to hear :)
Throwing balls for Ruger
Putting a ball on his Tee and hitting it off with his big bat
Chasing bubbles while saying "BUBBLES!!"
Hiking with daddy
Wearing anybodies shoes but his
and snuggling with mom, dad, and baby brothers on our bed while watching Lion King
Like I said, this is probably my favorite age! I can see him learning and connecting things that I didn't think he would realize for a long time.  He just amazes me!
Happy 18 months little Bug!

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