Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My new best friend

Since having the twins, finding ways to stay active has been a challenge to say the least!
I go to the gym 3ish times a week, which I love BUT it's a 30 minute drive (yes, I live in the middle of nowhere, by choice) and I can't justify going to the gym anymore than my usual 3 times because of gas prices. So I got to thinking...What can a mother with 3 littles do?!
I can rig my bike and take ALL three of my kiddos on bike rides to the park!!
How stinkin fun, right?!
This is my set up!

SO I did TONS of research on bike trailers that turn into joggers (because I've been running!? Have I mentioned that!?)
There are tons on the market but I needed one that could fit 2 infants and most carriers say for 1 year and up! Did you know they make special inserts for infants?
Well I had no clue until just recently! Only a few brands do! And sadly, none of them are sold at walmart or normal retail stores.
Thank goodness for Amazon Prime free shipping, right?! 

The twinkies in thieir hammock slings. Nice and snug!

The trailer that was a gift from my Grandma and Grandpa is a Croozer kid for 2
And the bike seat for Michael is a Bell Classic Child Carrier
 I'll do a review at a later date :)

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